Did you know that having a doula on your birth team significantly increases the odds of a positive experience? Statistics show a large number of benefits that having a doula can have, including shorter labor time, increased success of VBAC, decreased use of pain medicines, and many more. I am here to help aid you in having the birth experience you want!


Would you like a little extra help after baby comes? Most families need extra help and support once the baby is born. Why not hire someone who is specially trained to take care of new families? Signing up for in-home postpartum doula service is the best thing you could do for yourself and your family! Having a postpartum doula significantly decreases the incidence and severity of perinatal mood disorders, increases the success of bonding to your baby, and so much more. 

I serve families of many different kinds, including adoptive families, surrogacy/gestational carriers, those experiencing miscarriage, those at risk for mental health struggles, single parents, and more. 

I often hear the concern that a doula takes place of the role of the spouse/partner in both the birth scene and afterwards during recovery. This is not true! If anything, my goal is to bring you and your partner closer together. Both birth and postpartum recovery times are highly important to the relationship of a couple, and I will do everything I can to help support that bonding experience, and help facilitate the creation of a positive new family dynamic that the addition of a new little one creates.