Life After Birth Class

Not sure what to expect with a new baby? Learn the ins and outs of what to expect in the hours, days, and weeks following the birth of your new little one!

Topics covered include, but are not limited to: what to expect life with a newborn to be like, different feeding options, what to expect of the postpartum body, where to turn when you need help, what to do if you suspect a perinatal mood disorder, and much more!

Recommend taking in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

partners strongly encouraged to attend.

Caring For Your Newborn

Not quite sure how to care for a newborn baby? This fun, hands-on class will arm you with the tools and information to help you be more confident in taking care of your sweet little one. Information and techniques covered include: comfort measures for baby, umbilical care, how to bathe baby, feeding options, troubleshooting common problems, penis care for boys, and much more!

Both parents strongly encouraged to attend. 

"Your Personal Postpartum" Planning Workshop

Chances are you’ve already planned out every aspect of your birth, but have you planned out what you want your life to be like after baby comes? Planning for your postpartum experience is as important, if not more so, than planning out your birth. Join us as we go over every aspect of life after birth and fill out our planning workbook together. Workbook included in the fees of the class. 

Partners strongly encouraged to attend.

Recommend taking anytime during preganancy.

Big Sibling Class

Is your little one going to be a big brother or sister soon? Help arm them with the information and the tools that they will need in order to be more prepared for what to expect with the arrival of their new little sibling in this fun interactive class! They will learn things like how to properly hold a baby, how to wash their hands well, things that they can do to interact with the baby, and more! Also included is a resource list for ways you as a parent can help your little one adjust to the new baby.

Recommend taking in the late 2nd trimester or mid 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

If you are unable to attend the regulary scheduled classes, or would rather make it a more personal experience, consider hosting a class in your own home! 

My husband and I attended a life after birth class and loved it. Even though people mocked us for wanting to go after already having 4 children, we still learned new things. We had a lot of fun while learning.
Ashley M